Saturday, February 16, 2008

About the Book The Legal Toolbox for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners

About the Books The Legal Toolbox for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners - Author Jacqueline Warner, Esq.

The Mini Legal Toolbox for Entrepreneurs and Small Business Owners is a resource every entrepreneur and small business owner should have. The five Tools (chapters) of the book discuss (i) the various types of business structures, (ii) the tax implications of each structure, (iii) the importance of proper recordkeeping and the consequences of failing to do so, (iv) the role of management (i.e., owners, directors and officers) and (v) the importance of having an agreement with your partners/co-shareholders and a discussion of certain terms to consider including in a shareholder agreement for your business.

At the end of each Tool, there is a “Nuts and Bolts” summary. For example, The Nuts and Bolts of Tool #1 reads as follows:

There are basically four types of business structures – the sole proprietorship, the partnership, the corporation and the limited liability company,

A key advantage the corporation and limited liability company have over the sole proprietorship and partnership is protection against personal liability.

The pros and cons of each business structure must be carefully weighed. Based upon various factors relating to the business’ plans and objectives and the owner(s)’ financial and tax situation, a structure that may be idea for one business may not be ideal for another.

The book is written in an easy to read and digest format. It is small in size, but large in content! Readers have commented that it’s “easy to read and understand” and has helped them to focus on getting their legal matters in order now to avoid major issues later. Order your copy now log on to today!

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